petek, 16. november 2007

sreda, 07. november 2007

About my home town Kobarid.

I’m going to tell you something about it. Kobarid is located in southerner central Europe in small country Slovenia. It has 1283 residents and it is surrounded with beautiful mountains. History of town is very long. First clans have settled in a hallstatt age in a year 300BC. In a time of a Roman empire was built one of the first churches on this area on a hill cold Toncov grad. In year 1688 Turkish hordes attack this area. Napoleon army march through Kobarid. That is why we cold bridge over river Soča Napoleon’s bridge. During World War one famous battle of Kobarid took place on this area. It was a battle between Austrian and Italian army. That’s why is in Kobarid museum of a First World War and on a hill cold Sv.Anton is a tomb in it rest 7014 Italian solders witch died on front. Soča flows by near and is famous for her emerald colour. On the bank of Soča stands hill cold Toncov grad. There archaeologists founds remainders of a church from Roman times. River Soča is not famous just for her beauty but for water sports too. Every season allots of people come to tray adrenalin rush of river it is perfect for rafting, cannoning and kayaking. Mountains offer perfect conditions for paragliding in year 2006 world championship took place on this area. I’m happy to live in Kobarid and I hope that I’m going to live here for ever.

torek, 16. oktober 2007

When I started using the Internet

I started to using Internet in 2000 when I started secondary school. I bought first PC which I still use it was conceded with dial-up and it was so slow. First I used Internet for charting on IRc I even meet my first girlfriend on line. Then in 2004 I get ADSL connection it is mach moor faster. So now I using Internet for cheating on msn and different forums, watching fanny staff on you tube, playing online video games and for school. I`m happy to be in the time of computer technology because I cannot imagine life width out computer.

ponedeljek, 08. oktober 2007


I am Kristjan Kuščer and I am 20 years old. I live in small town of Kobarid which is located on north west of Slovenia.

I live in a house with my parents, my sister Tatjana and a cat named Luka. In free time I am a voluntary firefighter and a president of student organization Kobarid, my hobby is a radio-amateur.

Over summer holiday's I work as a bus driver for para-gliders in a Soča valley.

This year I started to study Informatics at the vocational college in Nova Gorica.